“We are a fledgling academy with big aspirations of producing our future soccer legends. Our aim at Future Legends SA is to develop and cultivate children from the age of 6 years old to 17 in soccer. Whether your child is the next Ronaldo or simply just loves the sport, we believe in nurturing and encouraging their passion and talent for soccer. Whether it be futsal, indoor or outdoor soccer, we have the knowledge and experience to improve or advance your child’s proficiency. Our professional coaches have years of experience in playing and coaching, which guarantees the transfer of skill and knowledge. “

“Our classes focus on fitness, ball skills, flexibility, adaptability within  the game, motility of the body, developing a team mind-set and most importantly having fun! Programmes are designed to cater towards the age group,  as well as the expected level of achievement, with an aim of exceeding these benchmarks."

"We take pride in your childs success!"